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    水立方(国家游泳中心)的英文:Water Cube (National Aquatics Center)

    The "Water Cube"

    Olympic events: Swimming, Diving, Synchronized Swimming

    Seating: 17,000

    Paralympic events: Swimming

    Olympic dates: August 9-23

    Opening hours: Two hours prior to the start of competition

    Walking distances:

    Located in the south-western part of Olympic Green's Central Zone, the National Aquatic Center can be reached from all four main entries of Olympic Green.

    Distances from the main entries to the Center are as follows:

    From the Southwest Entry: approximately 200 meters

    From the South Entry: approximately 900 meters

    From the East Entry: approximately 1,000 meters

    From Subway Line 8 "Olympic Green" station: approximately 300 meters

    The interior
    A night shot

    National Aquatics Center
    The exterior

    The center in the rain

    A day shot

    A night shot

    The interior

    National Aquatics Center
    The "Water Cube" and the "Bird's Nest"

    National Aquatics Center
    Fireworks with external lighting

    Release of bubble balloons with spot lights

    National Aquatics Center

    National Aquatics Center

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